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format_quote Our carports are delivered directly from the Carolina Carports, Inc. manufacturing facility and installed by experienced contractors. format_quote


Carport and Metal Garage FAQs

Q. How will I know my new custom carport order has been placed?

A. You will immediately receive an email response after placing your order, acknowledging your order was received and is being processed. You will also receive a second follow up email confirmation with any current updates and the scheduling contact information. Please check your spam or junk folder if your confirmation is not in your inbox.

Q. What is the time frame from order to delivery & installation?

FREE DELIVERY AND INSTALLION FOR ORDERS OVER $4,000. (Based on retail price before the manufacturing surcharge and sales tax)


Based on retail price "Before Manufacturing Surcharge and sales tax."

$ 15,000 and above = 4 to 8 Weeks. *** ( Maybe sooner if your site is ready and weather permitting ).

$ 10,000 to $ 14,999 = 6 to 12 Weeks. *** ( In many cases, larger structures can deliver sooner ).

$ 5,000 to $ 9,999 = 8 to 12+ Weeks. *** ( Larger structures can deliver sooner than later in many cases if your site is ready and when site pictures were received by the scheduling department. Some smaller orders can take longer than 12 weeks due to truck load availability and your location).

$ 4,000 to $ 4,999 = No Estimated Lead time. ( Orders over $5,000 + the manufacturing surcharge and sales tax are the minimum required orders to insure a delivery and installation lead time slot. Orders under $5,000 are being delivered and installed, but are filled in with larger structure orders and can take much longer). Try and place your order over $5,000 to secure a trailer slot).

Structures under $4,000.00 are available for pick up only at one of the factory facilities simply by contacting Scott's Carports. Please email us your request and a sales person will contact you to place your order.

Scott Says;

" As steel prices continue to rise, placing your order online now will lock in your price before the projected price increase and put you on the wait list immediately".

(If you would like more information about delivery and installation lead times, please call the Carolina Carports scheduling department at 800-670-4262).

Q. How do I arrange an installation appointment?

A. Our factory representative will call from this number 800 670 4262 approximately one week before installation to schedule your delivery.

Q. When is the balance of my account due?

A. The balance is due after delivery and is paid directly to the installers by either check , cash, cashiers check, or money order. Credit cards are accepted, for the balance, with a 2% processing fee. This fee is sometimes waived by the factory. Call to check and see 800 670-4262. (there is no fee for the initial deposit).

Q. How long does it take to install my new, custom carport?

A. Most carport and garage installations can be completed in one day.

Q. Who do I contact with questions about delivery and installation of my new custom carport?

A. All delivery or scheduling inquiries should be directed to the toll-free factory number: 800.670.4262. Ask for the representative for your state.